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Mr. Girish Jain (B.Tech, IIT Delhi)

Message to Students & Parents
Life as we known is full of opportunities. Many things can be said and done in this reference, whether it is taking right decision at right time, or grabbing onto opportunity at hand.

I applaud you decision of joining RG Academy for your preparation for JEE or NEET. To succeed in any endeavor it is necessary to identify the driving forces. The motivation from within and passion towards achieving the best result is the basic formula for success. Right from the first day it is expected from you to put efforts as per the mentor’s guidance.

Irregular flow of water causes nothing but damage to farmlands, but if same water when channelized by pipelines and canals becomes a boon to farmers. Similar is the situation of a student when he/she is doing preparation for a national level examination. Unless properly guided, it will only end in disaster.

The sole focus should be on learning the concepts and enjoying the subject. We expect you to have fun while learning science. Preparation of JEE and NEET is a long journey. At this point I would like to quote what is written in Bhagwat Gita. “Only worry about your efforts, the results will come by”. Unlike other institutes who tend to put a lot of stress in the name of cut-throat competition. RG Academy believes in a balanced routine comprising of studies, entertainment and physical activity.

We let you maintain you personality in the due course and not get bogged down by the pressure of studies. Since the level of studies is tougher than that required at school level, you will face a lot of difficulties. Always judge your ability by understanding of the subject. For better understanding you need interaction with faculties both in and out of the class. At RG Academy you shall be taught how to make the journey memorable by being serious as well as joyfull in the entire duration of your curriculum.

Mr. Ratnesh dayal (B.Tech, IIT Delhi)

Message to Students & Parents
A well known saying goes like this, “A genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. The one who quoted this intended to put significant weight on hard work. Every student is not naturally talented or a born genius, but hard work and consistent untiring efforts can do wonders.

Examinations like IIT-JEE and NEET has seen many candidates who have procured great marks by sheer hard work. In the due course of their preparation they learn to separate good things from bad ones. We at RG Academy help you inculcate good things required to achieve the desired result.

The entire preparation is supported by two main pillars.

The first being constant motivation needs to be imparted.We help you to develop self confidence, bolster your determination to chase your dream, make hard work look easy, and above all, help you to channelize your effort that takes you to your goal.

Secondly, the subject knowledge in which, our highly experienced and dedicated faculty team is more than equipped at the highest level. Faculty members are always ready to address any problem faced by the student, which covers not only technical but also personal issues a student undergoes in the due course of the preparation.

We ask you to trust us and our methodology. The preparation of a national level competitive exam is never easy. We expect our students to follow our guidelines as per the word. All the successfully students who have studied under our guidance will testify the same. Regular tests will be held and those will work as stepping stones for the ultimate exam day. Tests will help you accustom yourself in the examination atmosphere. You shall be acclimatizing yourself to handle the pressure and maintain temperament in the exam duration. We will teach you to conduct your studies in a systematic and organized manner, because haphazard studies do not serve any purpose. The going will be tough but your effort combined with our guidance will make this arduous path, fun and knowledgeable.

Pure determination and dedication is what is required. Have faith in us, and we will guide you on the right path.