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TEACHING METHODOLOGY                                    

The experienced Faculty Team of RG Academy is quite well versed with latest contents in the academic world. Teaching methodology is incorporated in such a manner that student is taught how to approach a given situation, rather than just reaching to the answer. Main focus is to enhance analytical logical and problem solving skills so that student performs better in every exam.

STUDY MATERIAL                                                       

The vastness of the syllabus is such that student doesn’t have time to visit library or publication house every now and then. Subject modules at RG Academy are well designed and organized that could be defined as complete appetite of the syllabus. Every topic and sub topic is presented concisely, yet is exhaustive the study material includes all the required knowledge on respective topics.

TESTS / QUIZZES                                                          

Regular tests and quizzes are held based on the pattern of JEE. Tests are organized both topic-wise as well as based on complete syllabus. This helps students to revise the old topics and makes them familiar with exam situation . The tests are conducted with utmost discipline.

PERFORMANCE REPORT                                             

After every test, a performance report is generated of every student, that keeps a track of student’s progress. The reports are made available to parents on our website / RG android app.

PROBLEM SOLVING                                                        

In classroom, students do more of listening than processing. Its after the class that students start comprehending the topic and its depth. This generates doubts in certain concepts that need to be clarified. At RG Academy, faculties of respective subjects are always available for doubt clearing. Students can approach them personally or contact over phone for any kind of clarification.

PARENT TEACHER MEETINGS                                      

Periodically PTMs are conducted where parents are encouraged to meet the Faculty / Director associated with their child. PTMs are important not only for child’s academic progress, but also to undertaken the behavioural pattern. This encourages students from a moral point of view and motivates to perform better.

BOARD PREPARATION                                                      

It’s a general myth that preparation for JEE negatively affects board exams. At RG Academy, separate and ample time is allocated for board preparation. Since the cut-off for admissions into IITs has been raised to 75%, its quite important that student gets good marks in board exams as well.